World trip update month 7: The Maldives

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World trip update month 7: The Maldives

World trip update month 7: The Maldives

Last month we were involved with the attacks in Sri Lanka and the end of our trip. So sad and cruel what happened there… No words can describe these awful deeds. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families.

In month 7 of our world trip, we went to the Maldives to relax and enjoy our (both) birthdays. Valerie is turning 30! this year and I wanted to make it a little bit special (read “we travel on a budget”). Many of us think that the Maldives are only for the rich and wealthy people but that’s not true at all. We explored the local islands of the Maldives and experienced a totally different experience.

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1 month in the Maldives 

Yes, you read it well! In the previous update, we said that we will spend only a week in the Maldives to celebrate our birthday’s but when we found out how easy and cheap the Maldives is, we decided to stay as long as possible.

Maldives cheap? Not compared to countries like Thailand or Laos but yes, the Maldives can be traveled on a budget and we wrote everything in the article about the Maldives on a budget: the ultimate travel itinerary + tips

In the Maldives, we traveled around 5 different local islands in 3 different Atolls with most public ferries and discovered the amazing underwater world. For those who are divers, the Maldives is the best place for diving! We swam with nurse sharks, dolphins, manta rays, blacktip reef shark, turtles, … just wonderful.

14 days on Rasdhoo Island

Rasdhoo was the island where we spent most of our time as we met some lovely locals on this island. These guys made our stay really fun and explained to us more about the local life in the Maldives. We did many boat trips to sandbars, snorkel trips with turtles and manta rays and we even did a Hammerhead shark dive but unfortunately, we didn’t saw them however, the dives were magical and beautiful.

During the last boat trip we had some bad luck, Valerie felt of the stairs of the boat and got injured on her shin, it needed to be stitched, so no more swimming for Valerie.

Besides that Valerie was not allowed to swim anymore we also lost our drone. With a sunset dolphin boat trip we wanted to fly the drone and in some way (we still don’t know how) the drone decided to fly downwards instead of going up. Now he is laying down 60m on the bottom somewhere between Rasdhoo and Finolhu.

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A day-trip to Thulusdhoo

Not far from Rasdhoo Island is Thulusdhoo, the agriculture island of the Maldives, where they crop vegetables and fruits and they have even a Coco-Cola factory.

We went for a day-trip from Rasdhoo to Thulushdoo and we regret we couldn’t stay longer. There are so many things to do on the island and the beaches are just stunning. If you go to the Maldives we recommend to visit Thulusdhoo for sure!

3 days on Mathiveri Island

After our 2 weeks on Rasdhoo Island, we went to Mathiveri island, which is located in the Alif Alif Atoll. We stayed on Mathiveri Island for a few days but as it was the end of the season and there wasn’t much to do anymore. We went on a snorkel trip with a local guide and explored a wreck and a beautiful reef around Mathiveri. And ofcourse we spent some time on the beautiful tourist beach and we explored the little town.

3 days on Fulidhoo Island

The next stop was Fulidhoo Island in the Vaavu Atoll and a true little gem, where we would spend a few days diving with nurse sharks and exploring. Unfortunately, Valerie was still not allowed to swim with her injury so we decided to do no dives and save the money for another time.

Fulidhoo is an island that we definitely want to visit again as it has a relaxed atmosphere, it’s a great island for snorkeling and diving and the small tiny beach is just amazing. Oh, in the morning you can spot rays at the jetty.

On Fulidhoo we also ate at a local restaurant Café de Orzo, where we’ve got the tiniest bill ever.

7 days on Maafushi Island

After we spent 3 days on Fulidhoo, we took the ferry to Maafushi Island, which is the main local island of the Maldives. In Maafushi, we stayed for another week and did some snorkel trips, sandbar trips and 3 dives with sharks. We also booked a trip to see the whale sharks in a natural environment but due to bad weather, the trip was cancelled.

The Maldives really surprised us and we never thought it was possible to explore these beautiful atolls in a budget-friendly, local way. But of course, visiting the Maldives wouldn’t be complete without staying in a resort, so we booked a 1-day pass in Adaaran Prestige Vadoo at the end of our stay.

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What’s on the planning for month 8?

After 28 days in the Maldives, we booked our flights from Malé to the Philippines with a layover in Hong Kong for 24 hours, so we gonna spend some time in Hong Kong and buy a new drone. We have visited Hong Kong already in 2015 but we still want to explore some other parts of the city.

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Hopefully, you enjoyed the update! Stay tuned for more.

Mik & Valerie

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