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 Inspired by the world around us, we want to influence and inspire people from all over the world to live a healthier, happier life and encourage them to chase their dreams too.

Together as one creative team, we use our enthusiasm and passion to create engaging, valuable content to help you achieve your goals and to provide our growing community with stories that motivate and inspire.

Behind the images and content we create there’s a real story, a personal experience which we like or something we truly believe in. We use a strong SEO-strategy and the highest quality images possible to ensure that our stories will appear in search results for years to come.

By working with us, you can reach a new and exciting audience, generate new leads and boost your business through our website and social media channels.

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Thank you, Valerie and Mik, for joining our 41 – South African Adventure tour starting and ending in Cape Town, South Africa. Your effortless work on video content, social media tagging and writing of blogs are so appreciated! We highly recommend your work across the globe and we would certainly welcome you both back for another adventure!

Michelle Lewis, Sales & Marketing Acacia Africa

Thank you Valerie and Mik for your great collaboration with Burasari Group. You have made nice videos and pictures for our group. We really appreciate your exceptional work that exceeded our exceptation. You both are welcome anytime when visit Thailand or Laos.

Tum Tangsakul, Digital Marketing Manager Burasari Group

We Burasari Heritage and our team would like to thank both of you to give us such nice video content and pictures.  You both worked very hard during your stay with us and we highly appreciate all the things you have done for us so professionally. We are looking forward to welcoming you back again next time.

Darisa Tansiri, General Manager Burasari Heritage

Thank you, Valerie and Mik for shooting the amazing experiences that guests can have during their stay here in the Maldives. Your tireless work during your stay here on the video content, is much appreciated and I hope that other travellers will find their dream vacation through your footsteps. We recommend V and Miks’ work in this field to anyone looking to share their story. You are always welcome here!

Abdulla Rasheed, Manager White Coral Rasdhoo


Work with us suitcasestories

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