Travel budget for 3 weeks in Bali

by suitcasestoriesbe
Travel budget for 3 weeks in Bali

How much does a trip to Bali costs? Is Bali expensive? Some questions we often got asked… That’s why we decided to write an article about it. Depending on your accommodation style, Bali can be traveled on a budget. To give you an idea of how much budget you need to travel around Bali we’re listed down a complete breakdown of our own expenses for 3 weeks. We hope it can help you with planning your own trip.

Travel budget Bali: good to know

We didn’t calculate the flights into our travel budget, because these are costs that are different for everyone. We flew from the Philippines to Bali and found the best flights on Skyscanner. Most of our budget is spent on activities and experiences (and food). So we could describe our travel style the best somewhere between budget and mid-range.

Besides, we divided our travel budget for 3 weeks in Bali into 5 categories: accommodations, transport, food & drinks, excursions & others like SIM-cards, visas, and tips.

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What’s not included in our travel budget for Bali

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Accommodations in Bali – 21 Days – $ 694 (total for 2 persons)

During our third visit to Bali, we already knew where we wanted to stay and saved some money by booking the accommodations in advance. As we are traveling already for 9 months non-stop, we choose to have a few nights in a private villa.

Money-saving tip: use this link to save up to $45 on your first booking on Airbnb

  • 11 nights in guesthouses – average $25/night
  • 7 nights in mid-range hotels – average $37/night
  • 3 nights in a private villa – average $56/night

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Transport in Bali – 21 Days – $ 206 (Total for 2 persons)

Getting around in Bali is very easy. Rent a scooter or hire a private driver for a day is quite common and that’s how we did it as well.

  • 3 boats
      • Bali – Gili Trawangan – Nusa Penida – Bali – IDR 1.000.000 per person ($65)
  • Many scooter rentals – IDR 50.000-70.000 per day ($3-4)
  • Bike rentals – IDR 40.000 per day ($2,8)
  • Many Grab cars, for example:
      • Grab from airport to Canggu – IDR 80.000-120.000 ($6-8)
      • Grab from Canggu to Ubud IDR 200.000 ($14)

Food & drinks in Bali – 21 Days – $ 783 (Total for 2 persons)

Bali is a great place to eat amazing food and also how to make it. During our 3 weeks in Bali, we joined a cooking class en went out for lunch & dinner every day. Of course, you can save more money by cooking your own meals.

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Excursions & activities in Bali – 21 Days – $ 423 (Total for 2 persons)

To give you a more clear idea of what’s included in the total cost of excursions & activities, we listed down every single experience. The Mount Batur Sunrise Trek and Diving in the Gili Island were definitely our favorite activities but driving around a scooter and enjoying the beautiful landscapes is awesome too.

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Other expenses in Bali – 21 Days – $ 32 (Total for 2 persons)

  • Visas – Our visa-on-arrival was free for 30 days

You can check visa costs for your own country here

  • SIM-cards & data package from “Simpati” – IDR 80.000 ($5,5) for 9GB (extra tip: ask if you can use it in whole Indonesia sometimes it’s blocked on the islands)
  • Laundry – IDR 20.000/kg ($1,5)
  • Petrol – IDR 10.000/liter ($0,7)

Total expenses for 3 weeks in Bali – 21 Days – $ 2138 (Total for 2 persons)

We stayed 21 days to be exact and spent $2138 in total for both of us, which is an average daily budget of $51 per person. Food & excursions were the biggest costs, which quickly increased our total travel budget, but which are in our opinion the things that made the trip so unforgettable. If you would skip more excursions and eat in the more local warungs you can easily reduce your budget.

Now you’ve seen our travel budget in Bali, you might be ready to go. The following websites can help you plan the perfect trip:


Travel budget for 3 weeks in Bali

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Lourens & Claudia October 16, 2019 - 10:41 pm

Thanks for this great blog with nice information. Our next holiday will probably go to Bali. Thanks for also sharing your restaurant tips. We love the Indonesian food!

suitcasestoriesbe October 17, 2019 - 1:08 am

Hi guys, thank you so much for your sweet message! It’s always hard finding good restaurants when you arrive at a new destination, so great to hear you appreciate this. Enjoy your time in beautiful Bali. Love, Valerie & Mik


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