Travel budget for 2 weeks in Namibia

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Namibia Sossusvlei

A road trip through Namibia is a real adventure and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. After visiting this amazing country twice, we still dream to go there again but how much does a trip to Namibia costs or is traveling in Namibia expensive? To give you an idea of how much budget you need to travel through Namibia, we listed down a complete cost breakdown from our 2-week road trip through Namibia. We hope it can help you with planning your own trip.

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Travel budget Namibia: good to know

We didn’t calculate the flights into our travel budget, because these are costs that are different for everyone. We flew from Germany to Namibia with a direct flight and found the best rates on Skyscanner. Most of our budget is spent on experiences (activities, game drives, sleeping one night a luxury lodge) and our travel style can be described the best somewhere between budget and mid-range.

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Besides, we divided our travel budget for 2 weeks in Namibia into 5 categories: accommodations, transport, food & drinks, excursions & activities & others like SIM-cards, visas, and tips.


  • International flights from Cologne – $280 per person (one-way tickets as this was the start of our world trip)
  • Travel insurance – World Nomads

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Accommodations were one of the highest costs of our travel budget in Namibia. We stayed as much as possible on campsites to keep our budget low, but as we got engaged on our second day (watch the proposal movie here) we decided to book a night in a luxury lodge what made our budget for accommodations higher than expected, but truly unforgettable! Nevertheless, we can highly recommend camping in Namibia which was such a unique experience.

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  • 8 nights in campsites – average $29/night
  • 2 nights in guesthouses – average $57/night
  • 2 nights in a hostel – average $28/night
  • 1 night glamping – average $51/night
  • 1 night in a luxury lodge – average $220/night

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TRANSPORT – 14 DAYS – $ 1922

It’s not easy to travel in Namibia with public transport, so we highly recommend renting a car or better a 4WD and explore the breathtaking landscapes at your own pace. You could reduce these costs by traveling with friends or family, so you can share the rental car.

Check prices for car rental in Namibia here

  • 4WD with a rooftop tent, equipped for camping for 2 people – $1306
  • Extra tyre & windscreen insurance – $280
  • Petrol – $336 ($0,8 – $1/liter)

FOOD & DRINKS – 14 DAYS – $ 397

We went out for lunch or dinner a few times during our trip in Namibia, but mostly we cooked and prepared our own meals on campsites. In Windhoek and Swakopmund we went to the supermarket to buy vegetables, drinks, fruits, snacks, breakfast, …

  • Eating out – $158
  • Groceries – $239


A safari in Etosha National Park is definitely our favorite activity but there are so many more things to do in Namibia. A visit to Dune 45 or Swakopmund is also a must when you go to Namibia

  • Entrance fee for Naukluft National Park (Dune 45, Deadvlei, Sossusvlei, …) – N$80 per person ($5) + N$10 for the jeep
  • Jeep shuttle to Big Daddy Dune and Sossusvlei – N$170 per person ($11)
  • Visit a Himba tribe in Damaraland – N$200 per person ($13,5)
  • Entrance fee for Etosha National Park – N$80 per person ($5) + N$10 for the jeep
  • Private sunset game drive in Eagle Tented Lodge – N$500 per person ($33)
  • Guided Bushmen painting tour in Spitzkoppe – N$370 per person ($25)
  • Quad safari in Swakopmund – N$962 per person ($65)

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OTHERS – 14 DAYS – $ 10,5

  • Visa – our visa-on-arrival for Namibia was free for 30 days (but you can check visa costs for your own country here)
  • SIM-cards & data package from “MTC” – N$50 for 2GB and we topped up in Swakopmund for another 2GB
  • Souvenirs – $6 bought from the Himba people

TOTAL COST – 14 DAYS – $ 3369

We traveled for 14 days in Namibia and spent $3369 in total for both of us, which is an average daily budget of around $120 per person. The 4WD rental and accommodations were the biggest costs, which quickly increased our budget. Accommodations are very expensive that’s why camping in Namibia is a good way to reduce your budget and above all a unique experience to add on your bucket list!

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Now you’ve seen our travel budget in Namibia, you might be ready to go. The following websites can help you plan the perfect trip:


Travel budget for 2 weeks in Namibia

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