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by suitcasestoriesbe

Hi there…
First of all, thank you for passing by and checking out our website!
We’re Mik & Valerie, 31 and 30 years old and the two travelers behind Suitcasestories.
We met each other since we were 16 years old, fell in love and left home last year to travel the world together.


We actually always had a strong passion to travel, to take pictures and to share our stories with our family and friends.
The moment Valerie started working on her first job at the airport, we went on our first big backpack trip to Thailand.  Since that trip, it has always been a case of where to go next? Every year, we tried to get the maximum out of our vacation days to travel as much as possible. We invested in decent camera gear as we both are obsessed with photography and loved to create each trip thousands of shots. We lived in a beautiful apartment and had a lovely cat Filou. A couple of years ago, we even bought land and we were saving as much money as we could to build our own home… but with our minds full of plans and dreams, we suddenly realized (on a typical Belgian rainy day) we were not ready for it yet.

We started to make a rough planning and countless lists of things we wanted to see and do. We listed our land for sale, informed our family and friends (they were not so surprised) and quit our jobs. Then, we sold everything we had, moved our cat to Mik’s sister and booked a one-way ticket to Namibia. On October 22, 2018, we finally left home and traded our security for a life full of adventures, freedom and unforgettable moments. To where and until when? No idea. We hope to travel as long as we can (until our money runs out) and wherever our dreams take us to.


With our passion for traveling, photography and creating stories, we built up Suitcasestories, our little treasure. It will be our ‘home’ for the next years and a place where we will be collecting our views, our moments, and stories for life. Stories about all the incredible places we’ve visited and the crazy adventures we experienced. Or the most magical places we’ve stayed at and the best tips we gathered along the way. By sharing our experiences on this website we want to guide you and help you in every possible way… to plan your own dream trip and inspire you to explore this beautiful world too!

If you have any question, a recommendation of a place we definitely need to see or simply wanna say hello… Be part of our dream!
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We would love to hear from you.

Let’s go on an adventure!

With love,
Mik & Valerie

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