Coron Travel Guide: 7 x best things to do + tips

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7x best things to do in Coron, Palawan

Finally, after visiting the Philippines two times, we added the beautiful island of Coron on our travel route. Coron is a super laidback town located at the northern tip of Palawan and one of the most photographed islands of the whole Philippines. There are so many incredible things to do, which makes it hard to choose. That’s why we created this list of the 7 x best things to do in Coron we personally like the most. From wreck-diving to island-hopping tours.

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How to get in Coron

  • By plane:
    From Manila or Cebu, you can book a direct flight to Busuanga Airport which is the easiest way to get in Coron. There are multiple flights a day, the journey takes around 40 minutes and the prices of tickets are between $25-$100/one-way. As soon as you arrive outside of the airport there are many tuk-tuks or minivans driving from the airport to Coron Town.
  • You can pre-book your airport shuttle here for only $5

Check here flight schedules & prices

  • By ferry:
    If you’re coming from El Nido, you could also go to Coron by ferry. Ferries are going twice a day, the journey takes around 3h 30 minutes and prices are around $35/one-way.

Check the schedules and different options here

  • With an expedition:
    Another option is to join a 4-day El Nido to Coron Expedition, which takes you in 4 days along the most beautiful islands around Palawan and finally ends its trip to Coron.

Where to stay in Coron

The most popular place to stay in Coron is Coron Town, which is located an hour from Busuanga airport. In Coron town are many places to stay, from cheap hostels to more luxury hotels. We stayed in Dayon Hostel for 5 days, which we also highly recommend to anyone looking for an affordable but still trendy place to stay in Coron. If you are looking for more luxurious accommodation, we can highly recommend The Funny Lion.

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Best things to do in Coron

Coron has many amazing things to do, from wreck-diving, snorkeling to different island-hopping tours. Below we have listed 7 x best things to do in Coron we personally like the most.

Coron things to do

Go wreck diving

If you’re a certified diver, definitely go wreck diving! We booked our diving trip with Reggae Divers which is PADI 5* Dive center and located in the town of Coron. We paid PHP 4000 per person for 3 dives including equipment, lunch, drinks & transport. An unforgettable experience!

Price for a single dive is around PHP 1200 per person, or a full day incl. 3 dives around PHP 4000 per person

With Reggae Divers, like we did. Amazing reviews, experienced instructors, good equipment and lovely food during the trip!

Join a liveaboard

For those who want to go a step further and truly enjoy an unforgettable diving experience, join a liveaboard! Liveaboards are all-inclusive diving trips, most of the time one week, which includes luxury accommodation, all your meals, and several dives a day with qualified dive instructors. Something that’s still on top of our bucket list!

A Coron Liveaboard diving trip here

Go on a Coron Ultimate Tour

See the most stunning beaches and lagoons in one day during the Coron Ultimate Tour. During this tour, you’ll visit the picturesque Kayangan Lake, swim in the Big Lagoon and snorkel at the Balinsasayaw Coral garden. Highly recommended trip!

Prices are around PHP 1500 per person (group tour) or PHP 6000-7000 to rent a private boat

This Coron Ultimate Tour

Take a swim in Barracuda Lake

Barracuda Lake in Coron is a natural wonder that’s famous for its layers of cold, warm, and hot water. It has mysterious underwater cliffs and deep waters which you need to see by yourself. Furthermore, it’s also a great free-diving spot.

A visit to Barracuda Lake is part of one of the organized tours. Prices are around PHP 1800 per person (in a group) or PHP 6000 to rent a private boat

This Coron Super Ultimate Tour where Barracuda Lake is included

Visit the idyllic beaches

Besides lagoons and snorkeling spots, Coron has beautiful idyllic beaches too. Malcapuya Island, Banana Island, and Bulog Dos Island are three powdery white-sand beaches where you could spend all day relaxing and enjoying the azure blue waters. We can’t recommend the Coron Island Escapade Tour enough where you visit all of three in one day!

Prices for tours where you visit the 3 beaches are around PHP 1500 per person

This Coron Island Escapade Tour

Join an expedition from Coron to El Nido

For a once in a lifetime experience, join a multi-day expedition boat tour where you cruise along with the most beautiful islands, hidden gems, and sleep on different island campsites each night. Unforgettable!

Prices are between $500-600 per person for a 4-day expedition

We highly recommend the expeditions of Big Dream Boatman, which offers the best service and are ranked as #1 on Trip Advisor

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Hike up Mt. Tapyas for an amazing view

Mt. Tapyas offers amazing views over Coron Town and is the perfect spot to enjoy an epic sunset. You’ll need to hike the 742 steps, so be sure to bring a water bottle with you! Once you go down after sunset, check out the lighted Coron Hollywood sign. Super cool!

Hiking Mt. Tapyas is free

You can easily hike Mt. Tapyas yourself (which is located in a side street of Coron Town) or you could book a half-day guided tour where Mt. Tapyas is included + a visit to the Maquinit hot springs

P.S. Are you leaving soon? Be sure to check out the following helpful websites for planning your trip.


Best things to do in Coron, Palawan

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