Camping in the desert of Morocco: Desert Luxury Tented Camp

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Camping in the desert of Morocco: Desert Luxury Tented Camp

Wanna go camping in the desert of Morocco? Desert Luxury Camp is a luxury tented camp and a truly unique place to stay in Morocco which is located in the Erg Chebbi Dunes and a must-do during your trip.

When we travel to a destination, we love to hunt for magical and unique places to stay. Places that will make you say “WOW!” the moment you walk in & that leaves an impression for the rest of our lives.

Desert Luxury Camp in Morocco is definitely such a place. There are simply not enough words to describe the incredible experience we had during camping in the desert in this luxury tented camp. and if we could we would have stayed here forever. So if you are planning a trip to Morocco and looking for a true remote luxury tented camp, be sure to visit Desert Luxury Camp.

Read here our personal experience, everything you need to know, and other useful tips when you consider visiting Desert Luxury Camp yourself.

At the end of this article, we’ve also included a video of our stay at the luxury tented camp in the desert of Morocco.

Camping in the desert of Morocco: Desert Luxury Tented Camp

How to get to Morocco

Morocco is located in the north of the African continent and accessible from almost every direction. The most common way to get to Morocco is by flight as there are many international airports like Marrakech (RAK), Casablanca (CMN), or Fez (FEZ).

We booked our flights with Transavia from Eindhoven (EIN) to Fez (FEZ) and back from Marrakech (RAK) to Eindhoven. Find below the best flights to Morocco or read here more about how to find the cheapest flights

How to get around Morocco

There are many ways to explore Morocco such as a guided tour, a self-drive, or by public transport. Morocco has trains and buses operating between the bigger cities, which makes it easy to travel around.

We rented a car on our arrival at the airport of Fez and dropped the car in the airport of Marrakech on our last day. This option gave us the ultimate freedom to explore Morocco and discover the more hidden gems of the country like the Luxury Desert Camp.

How to get in the Desert Luxury Camp

The Desert Luxury Camp is located in the dunes of the Sahara desert in Morocco and only accessible by a 4WD, on foot, or by camel. The package of the Desert Luxury Camp has a pick-up and drop-off service included from different locations as Marrakech or Fez.

During our road trip in Morocco, we drove towards Merzouga and arranged our pick-up from the town. We left our car at a parking area and a 4WD brought us to the main camp. This ride was already amazing as we drove over high dunes, saw many camels and nomads living in the desert.

On our way to the camp

What to pack for a stay at Desert Luxury Camp

Desert Luxury Camp is a luxury tented camp in the Sahara desert so there is no connection or wifi. The camp provides some activities in the area like camel riding, sandboarding, relaxing, … We spent even a half-day at a swimming pool of a partner Kashbah (Moroccan hotel) as it was extremely hot during the day.

We recommend having a small bag with only some necessary items for your stay in the Desert Luxury Camp:

  • Warm clothes for cold nights
  • Enough clothes for the number of days you’ll stay
  • Camera gear or action cam
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimwear for extremely hot days (as you can have the option to swim in a hotel)
  • A book or magazine to read
  • A basic Medi-kit
Desert Luxury Camp Morocco

Camping in the desert – Desert Luxury Camp: the location

Desert Luxury Camp is located in Morocco, deep in the Erg Chebbi dunes with no other camps or no other tourists in proximity. The luxury tented camp can only be reached by foot, camel, a 4WD, or helicopter. The nearest village is Merzouga, a small little village with only a few shops, a local mechanic and a gas station.

Merzouga is known for its location near the Erg Chebbi dunes. Those dunes are a part of the Sahara and they are the highest and largest in the whole of Morocco.

On the map below is the exact location of the luxury tented camp.

Why stay at Desert Luxury Camp in Morocco?

Camping in the desert of the Sahara was always high on our bucket list. The first thing we did when we planned our visit to Morocco was searching for a luxury tented camp in Morocco. We quickly noticed there were a lot of choices, from day trips from Marrakech, camel trekkings during sunset to camping overnights in the desert itself. After reading some reviews, we decided to book a two-night glamping experience in the luxury tented camp of Desert Luxury Camp.

A 2-night glamping experience in Desert Luxury Camp here

Camping in the desert with Desert Luxury Camp is basically like camping in a very luxurious way surrounded by the most stunning dunes. We slept under open skies full of stars, felt soft sand in between our toes, and watched dramatic sunsets every single evening. Every afternoon, the wonderful staff set up a cozy campfire and prepared some fresh mint tea for us while playing some traditional Berber music.

For us, it was literally a dream coming true and a place we didn’t want to leave anymore!

Desert Luxury Camp – the main camp and private camp: what are the differences?

Desert Luxury Camp has two different camps in the Erg Chebbi Dunes.  They are both decorated with beautiful & bohemian Moroccan decoration. Both Camps are located in the Erg Chebbi dunes

The main camp is a luxury tented camp with 16 king-size tents each with a private ensuite bathroom, all equipped with luxury amenities and handcrafted furniture. In the main camp is also a tented restaurant that offers delicious Morrocan cuisine for dinner. (which was incredibly good!)

The private camp is a completely private camp with 3 king-size tents each with a private ensuite bathroom. The private camp is perfect for honeymooners or small families that are looking for more privacy and unforgettable days in the desert.

The private camp is located close to the main camp (a few dunes-walk) and has it has is own relax lounge and it’s also decorated with beautiful Moroccan decoration. The tents can be opened to stargaze from your bed.

Camping in the desert: what’s included in the luxury tented camp of Desert Luxury Camp

We booked a two-night glamping experience at Desert Luxury Camp and can’t recommend this enough… Unforgettable!  The 2-night package we’ve booked included all of the following:

  • Two nights in a luxury tent in the main camp
  • Pick-up by 4WD from the parking area in Merzouga
  • Continental breakfast every morning
  • Every day a homemade buffet lunch
  • A delicious Moroccon 3-course dinner with candlelight
  • Free coffee, tea, and snacks during the day
  • A variety of free activities like sandboarding, camel trekking with sunset & dune bashing with a 4WD
  • Free use of an outdoor swimming pool nearby

Where to stay in Morocco after a stay in Desert Luxury Camp

After our stay in Desert Luxury Camp, the staff brought us back to the town of Merzouga where we picked up our car and drove towards Ouarzazate. In Ouarzazate, we stayed 1 night in Riad Dar Charmaa and took some time to visit the famous Hollywood movie location Aït Benhaddou and the Tondra Valley before we head down to Marrakech.

Read also: Best hotels & riads in Morocco

A guided tour in Aït Benhaddou & the Tondra Valley after your stay in the luxury tented camp

Camping in the desert with Desert Luxury Camp: Video

As we loved our stay at Desert Luxury Camp so much, we created a little video of our camping in the desert experience to show you more about this magical place.

Go camping in the desert in a luxury tented camp with our travel resources

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